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We have stood the test for UNITY, and this is just the beginning – Bilenkiy


“We have stood the test for unity at this stage. And this is just the beginning. There is a great job ahead with the reform of local government, the collective search and implementation of regional and local councils and their places in the process of decentralization” – the fourth plenary meeting of the first session of the council of VII convocation was finished with these words said by the chairman of the Poltava Regional Council Alexander Bilenkiy.

According to him, the deputies finally completed formation of Council’s administration and 9 permanent committees. Bilenkiy thanked colleagues for avoid confrontation. A further problem, in his opinion – to make the foundation for building the new Poltava.

We must remind, last Friday after the election of the head of the Regional Council and his first deputy, the Regional Council voted for another deputy chairman – the leader of faction “Svoboda”, Anatoliy Hanko.

During the meeting, there were questions about the standards of the Council order. Deputies also supported “The open letter of deputies of Poltava Regional Council to the President of Ukraine, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine and Prime Minister on the offer of Agrarian Party of Ukraine faction against the new taxes for farmers”.

Olexander Aleksyuk talked about the need to improve the lives of ordinary citizens and bridge the gap between deputies and people. Alexander Sichenko – about the appointment of chairmen of permanent committees with regard to their professional activities; representative of the political party “Opposition Block” Olexander Bereznyy sharply criticized Arseniy Yatsenyuk and his Government’s work and stressed the need to fight the corruption in the government.

Public activist Olexiy Shamanenko raised the issue of supporting the 16th battalion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, formed in Poltava, performing combat missions in the area ATO; public activist Oleg Podgorny warned of possible raider seizure of regional public utility companies “Poltavateploenerho” and “Poltavavodokanal” and pharmacies network “Poltavafarm.”

Among the pleasant moments of session – rewarding the winners of The Regional Award named after S.Kovpak. Awards presented to Volodymyr Shypov – first deputy commander of the battalion – Chief of Staff of the Second Infantry Battalion of the military unit 3052 of National Guard of Ukraine, that combatant in the area of ​​ATO (nomination “Defender of Ukraine). Volodymyr Shypov also received Honorary Award of Regional Council “For loyalty to the people of Ukraine” II degree; Honored actress of Ukraine, Olena Bilokon (nomination “Art Arsenal”). Diplomas were presented to the winners of the annual student’s research “From student government – to government communities” established by Regional Council: Anastasia Arkanova, Olexandra Selezneva, Vitaly Demochko, Vladyslav Chizhevsky, Natalia Udovychenko, Anna Strashko, Inna Pilipenko, Victoria Blokha, Svitlana Golovko, Mykola Belousov, Victoria Fatych, Olena Yaremenko, Yulia Dimitrenko, Arthur Krizhanovskiy, Alyona Lesyuk.

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