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The French company can modernize UE ”Poltavavodokanal”


Poltava can become a city, which will have a possibility to start a collaboration with the company “VEOLIA”, the world leader in water-supply and sewerage systems. The French company intends to invest in modernization of UE ”Poltavavodokanal”.

Today a group of representatives of company “VEOLIA” in Ukraine had a meeting with Petro Vorona – the Chairman of Poltava Regional Council.

In particular, they have discussed ways of cooperation and preparation of specific proposals based on the enterprise investment project’s parameters.

As the company’s representative Victor Skoblikov marked, they want to cooperate with the Poltava enterprise, however they intend to find out, how far an enterprise is interested in cooperation with an investor, which will work for a city. “Our purpose is to explore the enterprise, to find out what can we do for it. Examine its economic, technical and legal aspects. Then we will be able to offer a concrete proposal” – said Skoblikov. The company “VEOLIA” works in Ukraine in three areas: utilization of solid domestic wastes, energy, water-supply and sewerage systems. In relation to the water problems, the company cooperates now with four cities of Ukraine: Kyiv, Ternopil, Tchernihiv and Yalta.

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