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The delegation from Poltava has inspected construction of barrier works in Artemivsk


On July 2nd, the delegation of Poltava region has visited the forefront of the Ukrainian Army in Donetsk region to inspect the construction of fortifications in Artemivsk. Also they have visited the soldiers of the 16th Detached Motorized Infantry Battalion. Among the trips – Head of the Regional State Administration Valery Golovko, Chairman of the Regional Council Petro Vorona Crow, deputy regional council – Mykhaylo Vynograd, Stepan Bulba, Ivan Galchenko, Tetyana Korost, Yuri Krivosheev, Valery Parkhomenko, Oleh Romanchuk, Dmitro Hristov, Archbishop of Poltava and Kremenchug UOC KP Fedir, members of the public.

The delegation visited five positions, which are the first line of defense. Archbishop Fedir consecrated firing points, command and observation posts, fortification for the crew, bunkers.

– Builders put into operation strongholds of first and second projects, only one position near the village Luhanske remains unfinished because it’s constantly fired by militants of the DPR, so the builders have to stop working there time after time, – said the chairman of the Poltava Regional State Administration Valeriy Golovko. – Works for the third project are almost complete. Last Friday we got a special metal grid, which we use to strengthen trenches. This material if compare to wood is more durable and faster to mount.

By 15th of July builders from Poltava region will put into operation all 13 military operation strongholds near Artemivsk.

People from Poltava region handed to Ukrainian defenders first aid kits, food, delicacies, “Zorya Poltavshchyny” newspapers. Archbishop Fedir gave soldiers charmed towels, pictures of Horbanivska icon of Holy Mother Mary and sprinkled the soldiers with holy water.

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